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It may be tempting to view the annual holiday party as cliché or even as an unnecessary expense, but with the right planning, your holiday party can be a strong business investment. Throwing a fun and festive holiday party has tangible benefits for your company. Here’s how hosting your holiday party at The Glenerin Inn & Spa can strengthen your corporate team and inspire future success.

Show Your Employees You Care

Your holiday party is an excellent opportunity to thank your employees for a year of hard work. By doing something special for your team and their family, you build a sense of community. When your employees feel appreciated like a valued member of your company, they will be more inclined to share their time and effort. They will also be less inclined to fight for every penny in contracts and collective agreements.

An Excellent Team Building Opportunity

Not only will building a sense of community encourage your employees to work harder, but it’ll have them working together and for each other. A holiday party creates a shared experience, where people can discover common interests and get to know each other outside of work. Translate this new rapport into an office setting and your workforce will communicate more effectively and work harder for each other.

Set the Tone for Next Year

Since your holiday party will happen near the end of the calendar year, it represents a great opportunity to launch your company into the next year. Use your holiday party as a platform to recognize your yearly achievements and share your company’s future goals. A short speech can improve morale and productivity of your employees. By recognizing good work, you subtly illustrate the type of work you want your employees to emulate and mirror.

Get to Know Your Employees Better

With everyone loosening up, you have a chance to see how your team behaves outside of a work setting. You can find common ground with people from all levels of your organization. Becoming better acquainted with your team opens up communication with them and creates a personal connection. In this way, a holiday party can prove to be a good opportunity to discover new candidates for promotion.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Besides the practical benefits of strengthening your company’s team and rewarding hard work, there is a much simpler factor to consider: Fun. After all, that is the primary goal of a holiday party. The Glenerin Inn & Spa provides a perfect winter venue. The rustic, beautiful building provides an upscale setting for work functions. With fresh snow and a roaring fireplace, the Glenerin Inn is an ideal setting for any holiday party. Your team will love our delicious food and wine menu provided by our chef and his talented team. The venue is also spacious enough to allow room for dancing and other holiday activities.

Book Your Holiday Reservations

The benefits of hosting a holiday party for your business make the investment well worth it. There’s still time to book your holiday party! Contact us to inquire about our corporate rates and mark this holiday task off the to-do list.


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