Australian Wine and DineIn May we took our guests to the west coast and gave them the experience of California, nicknamed the golden state. In June we took our guests on a journey to the tropics of South America, where they indulged in some pink pepper crusted beef tenderloin and a tequila lime sorbet for dessert. On Friday, July 19th, part 3 of our 2013 Wine and Dine series at the historical Glenerin Inn, we are taking our guests to the land down under for them to try a variety of foods and wines from the great country of Australia.

Australia first started in wine making over 200 years ago with New South Wales being Australia’s first vineyard and winery. Since that start over 200 years ago, Australia is now one of the biggest exporters and winemakers in the world. It’s not just the huge amount of wine that makes Australia one of the capitals of wine making in the world it is also famous for its rich history and variety of wines that it can produce.

The state of South Australia is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world, dating back to the 1850s. To give you a perspective on how just old the vineyards are, Canada didn’t even become a country yet (Confederation happened in 1867). In addition, Australia because of its variety of climates and soils, it gives the country a unique opportunity to produce many kinds and flavours of wines. Australia can produce red wines, white wines, sparking wines, fortified wines and dessert wines.

As for Australian food, the food is influenced by European and Asian immigrants. Australian food culture strives to be innovative and excellent in taste and we provided that with the four following food items on our Australian themed menu:

Tasmania Squash Soup

  • Macadamia nut garnish

Alligator Fritters

  • Mango, kiwi & papaya salad
  • cilantro dressing

Australian Rack of Lamb

  • roasted sweet potato & honey ale just


  • Chantilly cream topped with berries & kiwi

Each food item you order will be paired with some of the finest Australian wine you’ll ever lay your taste buds on.

Come join us on Friday June 19th and enjoy your night of dining in Mississauga with the best that Australia has to offer in wine and food.

Tickets for this event and the two remaining in our wine and dine series are to be purchased in advance and can be done so by contacting our Front Desk at 905 828 6103.

For more information on the menu click here

We look forward to seeing you!

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