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Experience Mississauga’s Top BBQ Patio & Lounge!

There’s nothing like enjoying the best of summer eats among great company. This summer you can taste all the refreshing and tasty picks from our new BBQ Patio menu at the Stone House Lounge. Whether you’re craving a fresh salad … Read More


The Evolution of Barbecuing at Glenerin Inn

Sitting in the Sawmill Valley Creek, Glenerin’s rustic appearance and old world charm is a perfect accent to the natural beauty of Mississauga. While enjoying a venison or a scotch you would think that you were in the Scottish Highlands. … Read More

Patio & BBQ Thursdays

Hopefully, by now we haven’t exhausted the idea of the summer season and sitting on patios. If we have, we apologize, we get more excited about the summer than a child on Christmas morning.  If you join us in the … Read More

Patio Season at The Glenerin Inn & Spa

Summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning how you’ll be enjoying the sunny weather with great people, great food and refreshing cocktails. Patio season is ahead at The Glenerin Inn & Spa, a gorgeous historic … Read More

Thursday Night Patio Gatherings at The Glenerin Inn

Unfortunately, the summer weather here in the Great White North is blissful but brief – and that’s why we need to make every second count! With the warmer climate finally here, and as the days get longer and the temperatures … Read More

Our Patio is Officially Open!

We love watching the seasons change. With the monochrome palette of browns and grays of winter transforming into bright yellows and oranges of spring, we know patio season is around the corner! Yes, we take patio season very seriously and … Read More

Our Wine & Dine Series is Back

We are happy to announce that our Wine and Dine series is back and will be starting next month! By popular demand we have decided to host a different night every month featuring only the best of each country we … Read More

Mississauga’s Best Patio

The weather is warm, the days are long and the drinks are cold: It’s Patio Season! Mississauga has many patios to choose from, but if a stunning view is high on your list, then The Glenerin Inn should be at … Read More