Sometimes the stress of holiday preparation takes away from the most important part of the season – spending time with the people we love. As children grow older, partner off and have children of their own it’s easy to see how a family get together can grow in numbers and complexity. A Christmas dinner restaurant tradition is one-way families are solving the problems associated with the big Christmas get together.

Spend your time together

For most families, getting everyone together is more important than getting together on Christmas Day with some members absent. Work schedules and coordinating multiple family Christmas dinners can make it very difficult to get everyone together at one time on Christmas Day.

The solution? Many families have started a Christmas dinner restaurant tradition where they get the entire extended family together on a weekend or evening before (or after) Christmas – so that everyone can make it and no one has to worry about preparing the meal. For busy Canadian families sometimes the only way to get everyone together is to celebrate on a day that isn’t as busy as Christmas Day.

Time and a half!

For some, the holiday season is financially difficult. Having your Christmas family get together the weekend before Christmas means that members of your family who need the extra money are able to take shifts on Christmas Day and earn extra pay, without having to sacrifice Christmas dinner.

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax on Christmas Day?

When your family gets together for Christmas dinner at a restaurant it frees you up to spend more of your Christmas Day relaxing. After a month filled with work, shopping and entertaining, having the opportunity to relax can be the best gift you get this Christmas. Imagine giving your children the opportunity to play with the toys they received before you have to whisk them away to a family gathering. Or, being able to make special memories together, like building a snowman or going tobogganing – things you just can’t do if you’re traveling or hosting.  

Christmas Day buffet is better

Let’s face it, sometimes, no matter how much sense it makes to plan otherwise, there is a sentimentality associated with having Christmas dinner on Christmas day. Whether your family has already gotten together, or you simply want to relax on Christmas Day without having to worry about the stress of hosting, our Christmas Day Buffet is the better way.

If you are unable (or unwilling) to host Christmas dinner but still want to get together with your family and friends on Christmas Day, then our buffet is the perfect solution. Why not treat your family to a Christmas dinner out?

The perfect gift for you (and them), imagine not having to wake up at 6am to put your turkey in the oven, or having to spend your day in the kitchen while everyone else in the family is enjoying the holiday festivities. Even when your family coordinates a potluck, someone is still stuck in the kitchen after dinner is over, doing dishes. Why not let us do your dishes for you? At Glenerin Inn there’s still time to make your Christmas Dinner reservations. So, stop pulling your hair out trying to figure out who is bring what for the Family Dinner. Spend your time together, not in the kitchen. Start your new Christmas dinner restaurant tradition with us.

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