With the end of the calendar year approaching quickly, the next couple of months are popular timeframes for small businesses and large corporations to organize acompany outing or holiday party for their employees.

Between finding a venue, deciding on a theme and making sure you are in-line with the budget provided; the coordinator of these types of events can certainly have their hands full! But in the end, all of the hard work and determination is bound to pay off – because events such as these have a long list of benefits.

Here are three common benefits that your company can experience from hosting a company outing or holiday party:

They are a great investment of time and money

Whether it’s an office lunch, an elaborate catered affair or a holiday party, company events are well worth the financial investment. Not only are they a great chance to celebrate this year’s successes (which encourages workers to deliver quality products and services), but these type of events have been proven to increase employee morale and productivity.


They have the power to build and strengthen team dynamics

In a nutshell, these types of events are a great chance to network and build relationships. It can be refreshing to see your colleagues outside of the typical nine-to-five corporate environment. Employees have the chance to see each other in a different light and to carry on a conversations with colleagues they wouldn’t normally talk to during the workday.


They are the perfect opportunity to ‘give back’ to your employees

Last but not least, a corporate event or end-of-the-year holiday party is a great way to thank your employees for their hard work and determination. It’s also a great opportunity for management to give awards, recognize high achievers and congratulate your team as a whole on all of the company’s successes.

The Glenerin Inn is the perfect venue for your next corporate gathering, party or retreat. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including: a Holiday Lunch Buffet, themed menus, team building activities, a formal catered dinner in one of our formal dining rooms or an overnight retreat for your employees.

Located in Mississauga’s picturesque Sawmill Creek Valley, the Glenerin Inn & Spa is one of the finest hotels and venues in Mississauga. Offering unique character, overnight accommodations, attentive service and onsite dining and catering services, The Glenerin Inn and Spa is the ideal location to host your corporate event and a unique, convenient and festive location for your company holiday party. We can accommodate receptions of up to 500 people, and also have five private meeting spaces onsite – all with oversized paned windows providing natural light.

To inquire about availability and for information regarding our Corporate and Social Events, please contact us today.


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