Golf course greenery

Golf is the perfect blend for those trying to have a social and active experience. It is a calming sport, that can improve concentration, and is played in the beautiful outdoors.  Have you been out golfing yet this season? If not, dust off those clubs, come out for a round of golf, and remind yourself why you love the game so much. The Glenerin Inn & Spa is partnered with Piper’s Heath Golf Club and the Glen Abbey Golf Course, so you can not only have a place to stay, but also a place to play.

One of the best things about golf is that anyone can play! While the game is known for its list of rules and lingo, it can sound like a challenge for a beginner to jump in.  Here at Glenerin Inn & Spa, we welcome those with all levels of golfing experience at both the Piper’s Heath and Glen Abbey golf courses. We’ve compiled a list of important things to know before you play golf and to help you in choosing the best course for you.

Do I need to book a tee time?

Upon booking your Stay and Play Golf Package, with either partnered golf course, the Glenerin Inn & Spa staff will coordinate a prefered tee time with you, depending on availability.

What should I wear to play golf?

When playing golf, you want to make sure you’re dressed comfortably, but also appropriately, as you will be physically active.  You can choose the traditional khakis and a polo t-shirt combination, or wear any appropriate athletic gear.

Which clubs do I need to play golf?

The Glenerin Inn & Spa offers golf clubs for rent, or you can bring your own! If you aren’t sure, our golf pros will help you in choosing the best clubs for you and your game.

Where can I drive a golf cart?

With our Stay and Play Golf Package, we provide a golf cart for you and your guest to use throughout your game. This way, you won’t be tired lugging around your golf bag, especially in the heat.

What do I do with the golf bag?

With the provided golf cart, there is room for you and your guest to place your golf bag.

Do I have to keep score when playing golf?

While it is not required, many people like to keep score while playing a game of golf. It is up to you and your party! If you aren’t sure how, talk to one of our golf pros and they can help you.

Is there a driving range?  

With our Stay and Play Golf Package, access to the driving range is also included! Get some practice in before you head onto the greens.

Are there overnight accommodations?

With the Stay and Play Golf Package, you and a guest can enjoy a fun day of golfing and overnight stay in one of our guest rooms. Our rooms are unique in furnishings and design, so you’ll have choices depending on your type of occasion. Whether you’re with your family, friends, or loved one, we have a variety of styles that’ll best suit you.

Father and son playing some golf on a sunny day

Why choose Glenerin Inn & Spa?

There is a wide variety of activities for you to choose from.  The Glenerin Inn & Spa is partnered with both the Glen Abbey Golf Course and Piper’s Heath Golf Club, so guests can choose from either package.

In addition to our beautiful golf courses, we also have a restaurant and spa! You and your guest won’t run out of things to do during your stay!

Not only will you be entertainment, but this summer, you can save! We are all about summer savings, and want to provide you with an enjoyable and affordable vacation. Contact our sales team today, to find out more on availability, and our amazing savings for your golf getaway, only this summer!

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