Escape the Everyday and Experience a SPAcation!

Mississauga-Spa-VacationsWhen was the last time you told yourself “I am too busy to get away”? Days pass by so quickly and we are all constantly racing against time. Business and family demands dictate our schedules and the cycle of our days start all over again.

All over the city there are exciting thing to do this summer that allow you to have a much-needed mental break. Sometimes that is all you need to re-ignite your energy so that you can remain focused and inspired to achieve your life’s goals. Yet, when all is said and done, how many of us really enjoy “me time”?

So what are these “Stay-Cations”, or “Spa-Cations” everyone is talking about? Very simply defined: little mini weekend, or week day breaks that indulge your senses and can carry a big inspiring punch!

The Glenerin Inn and Spa is a great example of one of those little hidden gems in the city. An historical building nestled within a scenic plush and natural setting, fueled with the little simple pleasures of holistic spa treatments, gourmet dishes mastered with love, and fine wines to tempt every pallet.

A savory experience in every sense of the word awaits you when you arrive and the hospitality of the staff greats you like you’re coming home to mom. No need to tell yourself “this is too good to be true” or “okay, how much is this going to break the bank?” Spa-Cations are designed for almost every budget, affordable value-added experiences that leave you looking through your schedule to plan the next mind escape.

A Spa-Cation could be as simple as a one night stay paired with a massage just before bedtime and a night cap that gives you that eight hour blissful sleep. Then wake up and enjoy a morning cup of Yoga to recharge your spiritual senses. If you need to rekindle the romance a couple’s spa escape is a divine intervention for the everyday marriage blues…or should I say the perfect prescription for the marital mundane syndrome. I strongly suggest taking advantage of the various hotel packages that the Glenerin Inn and Spa offer and capture that well deserved “me time”.

I leave you with this thought: “The mark of success is when you can spend the entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it”. Get into the mindset that relaxing and getting re-energized are not unproductive uses of your time, and that you’re not too busy to deserve time out. Instead embrace it as a state of peacefulness.

Written By Audrey Hlembizky
The Spa at the Glenerin Inn

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