So your planning your next corporate event or conference in Toronto and you know that it all starts with a great venue. However, your company is a little different and one of those “big box” corporate event venues really doesn’t fit your profile. Sure, they have everything a typical event usually requires (space, food, A/V equipment Wi-Fi etc…) , but those big box venues seem to be missing that little bit of extra…something that will make that meeting memorable.

Boutique event venues like the Glenerin Inn in Mississauga might be what you’re looking for. They offer everything that the big box venues offer, but can also provide you and your meeting with those little extras.

The View

Seen one conference or meeting room, you’ve seen them all, right? Perhaps not. The meeting rooms at pretty much any big box event venue are designed to do one thing: hold people. However, meeting rooms at a place like the Glenerin Inn can offer you a “room with a view”. Many of their meeting rooms have large windows with stunning views of their beautiful property. If you’re looking to inspire creativity, changing your vantage point from a bland white room to a beautiful botanical garden might be all you need.

The Food

If you book your corporate meeting at a traditional event venue, you’re likely going to get “traditional” event venue food: A continental breakfast with some juices, pastries and maybe a fruit cup. At a boutique venue like Glenerin Inn, you can have a much more personalized food experience. Fresh fruit (with in season berries), warm breakfast selections like sausage or ham, or maybe even an omelet bar. At boutique venues, your options are as limited as your imagination. Simply coordinate with the staff ahead of time, and most of your needs can likely be met.

The Extras

Most big box event venues will offer guests a complimentary pen and a pad of paper…boutique venues like the Glenerin Inn can offer your guests an in meeting massage. Imagine a 10 minute shoulder massage while your going over your companies financial for the last quarter? Numbers never felt so relaxing. The massage is just one example of some of the little extras a boutique event venue can offer over a big box. All you need to do is ask what else they can do for you when planning your next event.

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