Sitting in the Sawmill Valley Creek, Glenerin’s rustic appearance and old world charm is a perfect accent to the natural beauty of Mississauga. While enjoying a venison or a scotch you would think that you were in the Scottish Highlands.

Where Does ‘Barbecue’ Come From?

So, when it comes to the evolution of barbecuing how does The Glenerin Inn fit in? There is quite a bit of debate about where the term barbecue originated, but the Scottish Highlands is not a likely candidate. suggests that “the conventional wisdom is that the Spanish, upon landing in the Caribbean, used the word barbacoa to refer to the natives’ method of slow-cooking meat over a wooden platform.”

A Barbeque Feast in The Greater Toronto Area

Today, the evolution of barbecuing has made it synonymous with outdoor dining, something Glenerin Inn does fabulously. Our Tudor-style mansion’s stone exterior gives way to a warm interior filled with grand stone fireplaces, exposed ceiling beams, stained glass, and huge paned windows through which you can admire our two-acre estate.

The adjacent carriage house is a heritage building connected to the mansion via an underground tunnel for ease of access. Dinner at the Glenerin Inn & Spa is an experience like no other in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our Patio & BBQ Menu

Glenerin Inn offers delicious menu options worthy of the setting at breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as a Table D’hote Menu. On a warm spring or summer evening, there is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors on our patio.

Our new patio menu brings the rustic charm of our mansion and estate together with the evolution of barbecuing. When it comes to barbecuing, burgers are often the first thing we think of, although pork is one of the first meats used in traditional southern BBQ cuisine.

Although we’re far from the American south, we’re confident that our sublime beef burger will keep you coming back for more. Topped with back bacon and cheddar cheese, this burger is barbequed on low and cooked to perfection (and to your liking) by experienced barbeque chefs. Of course, no burger is complete without a side order of french fries. Top this duo off with a pint of beer, or glass of wine from Glenerin Inn’s carefully curated wine list and you’re in for a great patio experience.

Barbeque & Wine, A Perfect Pair

Like Glenerin Inn itself, our wine list combines unique Ontarian qualities with old world charm. Consider choosing a red wine to complement your burger, perhaps the Bricklayer’s Reward Merlot from right here in Ontario. It has a complex palate with delicate flavours of toasted vanilla and spice (from oak ageing) and plum and cherry overtones.

For a European pairing, you can opt for a Baron Philippe De Rothschild, Pinot Noir from France – an easy to drink wine with hints of plum and strawberry. Of course on a hot summer day, you may be craving a refreshing white wine instead. Jackson Triggs Black Reserve Chardonnay is an Ontarian favourite, or you may prefer a more sophisticated Baron Philippe De Rothschild Sauvignon Blanc from France.

To best compliment your thirst for white wine you might want to opt for the main course that is slightly lighter. Our grilled chicken sandwich is every bit a masterpiece as our beef burger. Served with Boursin cheese and grilled red peppers on a kaiser, it is much more than a run-of-the-mill chicken sandwich.

Book Your Mississauga Patio Reservations!

Perfectly grilled meat thoughtfully paired with the right beverage, complimented with a stunning setting in the heart of the GTA makes The Glenerin Inn the latest location in the evolution of barbecuing – classy, sophisticated, and delicious! 


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