BTQOVWICQAADhiq.jpg-largeLuxurious Rooms with Breath Taking Views

What a fantastic Summer that was! We were so thrilled to host our weekly Patio and Live music night, it was such a success thanks to all of you!

As much as we love the summertime, we cannot get enough of the fall season, and with a new season comes new opportunities and change! The colours around us change from bright greens to bright oranges and yellows.
Don’t get us wrong, our summer season was incredible and we had the chance to share dozens of couples special day by hosting their weddings, and our BBQ Thursday Night BBQs were a hit, we were a packed house every Thursday, rain or shine! Having said that, there is something so special about the autumn season.

We love fall for the reason that our backyard looks like  Group of Seven painting- the colours are unlike any other season and we don’t want to brag but you haven’t seen fall colours until you visit our property. We are surrounded by acres of untouched forrest on the Sawmill Valley Creek, and call us crazy, but it is actually comfortable to be outside!

Our closets changes from shorts and tshirts to pants and cozy wool sweaters, and that light pilsner we enjoyed on the patio changes to a dark pumpkin ale by the fireplace . So summers is officially over, and we know that gets people down when this time of year rolls around because the days start to fall a little shorter and the weather gets a little cooler, but we have always been the “cup-is-half-full” type of people and we LOVE the fall! There is something so magical about this time of year and there is simply no prettier season in Canada that Autumn.

Our luxurious rooms overlook and face the Sawmill Valley Creek so you wake up so nothing but secluded forrest, making you feel miles away from the city.

Once the summer estate of a Toronto businessman William Watson Evans, this gracious country estate was built in 1927 for ease and comfort, both of which you will find in the Inn’s current form. We have so many amazing events to look forward to in the next couple of months because before you can say Thanksgiving, Christmas will be here !

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