Planning a summer party can be tough. Trying to finalize all of the small details that go into a
successful event, like venue, food, and entertainment, can be time consuming and stressful.
Don’t fret, we’re here to help you in making your party planning a little easier.
First step is to decide what kind of summer event you’re planning. Is it a wedding, graduation,
anniversary, or birthday? The type of event you’re planning will affect your decisions on
food, entertainment, venue and which party package to choose from. After deciding, you can
start looking for that perfect event venue that will suit your preferences.

Fall is a perfect time at this Mississauga Wedding Venie, the Glenerin Inn & Spa

Things to consider when choosing an event venue

The City of Mississauga is known for its strong communities, excellent housing, shopping,
and great schools. Being the 6th largest city in Canada, you won’t run out of fun things to do
there! If you’re looking for an event venue in Mississauga, the Glenerin Inn & Spa is the
perfect place. Nestled into the Sawmill Valley area, the Glenerin Inn & Spa is one of
Mississauga’s premier wedding and party venues. Whether your guests are coming from
near or far, they will have easy access to this venue, as its’ only minutes away from the
Toronto area and has easy access to the main highways.

Ambience of event/theme
The Glenerin Inn & Spa is beautiful year round, but is especially nice during the summer
when the flowers are in full bloom and the lawn is manicured. The landscape and garden has
a beautiful historic charm, and creates the perfect scenic backdrop for taking photos of your
event. Depending on your type of event, The Glenerin Inn & Spa offers a variety of packages,
so you can choose the perfect theme and ambiance that best suits you!

The Glenerin Inn & Spa offers a variety of event rooms and accommodations, depending on
your chosen package. For a wedding, you can choose from a variety of reception rooms, or
you can book the entire patio for your anniversary party. Accommodations for your party
guests are also available on site, which you can organize through the party coordinator we
will provide, so you won’t have to worry about transportation after the party.

Our amazing chef and kitchen staff will prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner or
brunch, depending on the time of your event! Your guests will be delighted by the menu and
will get to enjoy a memorable dining experience. Check out the menu for yourself, and see
what all the rave is about!


Staff & Expertise
Glenerin Inn & Spa’s expert staff will assist you with planning your event! You can choose
from one of our packages, or work with a professional coordinator to customize it yourself.
We also provide recommendations and contacts for some of the services not included. Want
to see for yourself? Contact us , and speak to a staff member about any questions or

On-site activities
There is lots to see and do at the Glenerin Inn & Spa, as well as the surrounding areas of
Mississauga. If you’re looking for something to do during your stay, check out our exquisite
spa and give you and your guests some “me time”. After the time spent focusing on planning
a successful event, you deserve some time to yourself to relax! If you’re looking to venture
around Mississauga, our website suggests some local golf clubs, a world class fishing
destination, and places where you can shop and enjoy.

The cost is always an important factor when finding an event venue. In considering all of the
above, and the other services the event venue will offer, you will be able to make a more
informed decision on the value you’ll be receiving.

Contact the Glenerin Inn & Spa to find out more about their services. We’d love to help you
further your event planning process along, by providing you with the perfect event venue in
Mississauga, and more! Once your party is booked, all your planning can happen in one
convenient place and your preferences can be customizable to your party package.