As the leaves begin to change color, then fall from the trees it can only mean one thing. It’s fall…and halloween is coming. With all the ghosts and ghouls coming out on October 31st (to collect trick or treat from households everywhere) a legendary Mississauga Hotel, the Glenrin Inn and Spa boasts a ghost story that goes far beyond pillowcases full of candy.

The Inn was built between 1927 and finished in the 1930’s and was a grand summer home for the wealthy Watson family living in Rosedale. The summer home, nestled in the beautiful Sawmill Creek Valley in Mississauga was built for entertaining, but shortly after being completed, Watson passed away (and was buried nearby). Over the next 70 years the property would change hands several times being used for a variety of things, including a monestary, a retreat and a sales office.

Over those years there have also been many reports of ghost sitings, the most common one of a man tending the fireplace in the great hall. A clairvoyant visited the property in the 1990’s and noted that there was a spirit present. Since then, the Glenerin Inn has been visited by many ghost hunters including the show “Ghosts of Mississauga”. We have included them below for your viewing pleasure.


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