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This summer, The Glenerin Inn will be hosting patio events featuring live music performed by Ed Stephenson and the Paco Band. In anticipation of these events, we want to share some of the best reasons to get out there and enjoy live music!

Live Music Makes Any Night Special

Live music helps you make memories with the people you care about. Music can connect family and friends by engaging and encouraging spectators to put away their phones and share the experience of a live performance. Good music undoubtedly brings listeners together both during and after the show, facilitating conversation and excitement surrounding the performance.

And Special Nights More Special

Music has the power to enhance any occasion. It can change the energy of a room (or a patio) in an instant and add elements of romance or joy to your celebrations. Music has a unique way of lingering in our memories, so hearing recorded versions of those songs will always bring you back to the moment when you first heard it live.

It’s A Great Way to Relax

That’s more than just an opinion. Research suggests that attending live concerts affects your body on a chemical level. Participants in a British study were shown to have reduced levels of stress hormones after listening to live music. Considering that an excess of stress hormones can lead to heart problems and diabetes later in life, it’s no exaggeration to say that experiencing live music is good for your health.

It’s Great for All Ages

Sometimes keeping everyone entertained at family events can be tricky. But live music, good food, and refreshing drinks hold an appeal for every generation in your family. Not only that, but the British study mentioned previously found that live music reduced stress hormones across the board – for all ages – no matter how musically inclined participants considered themselves. Live music really is for everyone!

The Venue

Part of the fun of live music is where it’s played. Seeing music performed live can transform a familiar environment, or help you discover the beauty of a new one. The Glenerin Inn we want our patio events to help you get the most out of the summer season. Between our beautiful grounds, talented chefs and Ed Stephenson and the Paco Band, we think our patio events have the potential to make you forget that downtown Mississauga is only minutes away.

Discover Something New

Ed Stephenson and the Paco Band play Nuevo Flamenco music. It’s fun, high energy and may be something you’re not familiar with. Check out some of their work. If you like what you hear, and we know you will, consider joining us and feel the excitement as you watch these musicians play new and beautiful music!

When Are These Events?

We’re bringing back patio Thursdays, starting at the end of June and lasting the entire summer:

  • June 22nd
  • July 6th
  • July 20th
  • Aug.3rd
  • Aug 17th
  • Aug 31st

We hope you’ll join us for our delicious chef-inspired menu, drinks, and live music. Remember enjoying these things with friends and family isn’t just something that’s fun, it can boost your overall well-being. So, visit us to relax, enjoy the summer atmosphere, and make some memories with those you love.

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