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Team meetings are extremely important to the success of your business. They help build stronger relationships amongst employees, allows for an opportunity to identify goals and current gaps, are great for employee learning and improvement, and help unify the flow of the workplace by getting everyone on the same page. However, they can also be a waste of time, very boring, and cause problems, if not done properly.

We don’t want that for your business. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks in making your meetings more productive and fun for your employees.

dying of boredom from a staff meeting

Create a clear agenda for the meeting

Before going in, you want to have a timeline of important points and topics you will be discussing. The meeting should also have an end time, so employees can plan out their day efficiently.

Start the meeting off right

Go through the meeting objective and ask the team if there is anything they want to have a brief discussion about. Open up the meeting in a fun way by having a  small activity or discussion.

Invite selective people

You don’t need everyone there, only invite those who are important and relevant to the meeting, which will ensure your meeting is more creative and conversational.

Get your team involved

Get team members to present an idea or project they are currently working on. Or, get a team member to teach others about an important topic or a future process. This is a way to ensure everyone is contributing and sharing their views, and so one person isn’t talking the entire time.

Keep it positive

Meetings are important to challenge your employees and have impactful discussions. However, you want to make sure the atmosphere remains positive.

Cartoon of people in a meeting

Change it up!

Have short breaks in between topics for your team to be able to grab a snack, use the washroom, or talk to another employee. Also, during an activity, remove the chairs! Have your team members stand for a bit of the meeting (recommended maximum time: 10 minutes). Another way to change it up is by switching locations. Don’t have your meeting in the same office boardroom every time. Look for a local offsite location to treat your team, which can spark new creativity.

Order food & create a fun space

We hope these tips help in making your meetings more productive, but also fun for your employees! One final tip we have is FOOD. Treat your employees to food and other services, which will help make them become more productive and focused. At the Glenerin Inn & Spa, we have the perfect meeting rooms that inspire productive and fun meetings. Our Meeting Packages allow you to focus, but also enjoy a full range of services on site.

Find out more about our Meeting Packages and how they can improve your next team building event. 

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