Massage Spa in Mississauga

massage spa in Mississauga

Health and wellness are fundamental to maintaining a long and robust life. There are many contributing factors to achieving overall good health and happiness: exercise, eating fruits and vegetables, and a good night’s sleep. However, one thing shouldn’t be forgotten – your mental health. Take the time to destress from busy work schedules and relax tense muscles. Receive serene tranquility and relaxing massages at The Glenerin Inn. Take a look at our vast massage spa treatments in Mississauga so you know what to expect when you book an appointment.

Swedish Massages

Relax your body with this traditional massage. A widely recognized and popular massage technique, known for its firm yet gentle long strokes. It combines rubbing muscles with gliding movements in the direction of blood flow returning to the heart. The technique uses a sequence of movements to ease sore muscles, release tension and improve circulation – leaving you refreshed and anew.

Aromatherapy Techniques

Heighten your senses with aromatherapy. Take pleasure in the vast array of blended essential oils customized just for you. Combine aromatic oils it with a deep tissue massage to reinvigorate and revitalize your mind, body and soul. One of the perfect ways to experience serenity and calmness by completely unwinding your senses.

Deep Tissue Massage

A firm massage style in heart of Mississauga. Experience a massage that focuses on deep layers of muscle tissue. It addresses stiff tension by releasing chronic patterns in the muscles to loosen and soften muscles. Similar to a Swedish massage, except with more firmer intensity. Get your muscle tensions and knots relieved by our team of expert masseuses.

Couples Massage

Get spoiled with your significant other by your side. Indulge yourselves with a candle-lit massage that includes soothing oils, alleviating stiffness and pain, improved circulation and well being. Warm aromatic oils are poured over muscles, taking your massage to a whole new level. Pamper your relationship that will send sparks flying.

Book Your Massage in Mississauga

Unwind and take care of yourself with a soothing spa massage in Mississauga. Start feeling better with massages that will relieve pain and muscle tension. At The Spa at The Glenerin Inn, all our treatments are performed by Registered Massage Therapists. Contact us for your massage spa appointment in Mississauga today!

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