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There’s nothing like enjoying the best of summer eats among great company. This summer you can taste all the refreshing and tasty picks from our new BBQ Patio menu at the Stone House Lounge. Whether you’re craving a fresh salad mixed with fruit, roasted seeds, and a dash of summer dressings or a delicious burger off the grill; our summer menu is perfect for a night out on the patio filled with beautiful views.

A Hidden Gem – The Best Patio in Mississauga

The Glenerin Inn is a perfect place to enjoy an outdoor BBQ or cocktail gathering, set against a gorgeous historic and urban environment. Our Patio area features a Tudor-style ambiance, encompassed by nature near the exquisite Sawmill Valley Trail in Mississauga. It’s a simple and great place to enjoy an outdoor meal, not near the usual bustle of city streets. Escape into beautifully landscaped grounds full of character and style.

The Lounge & Patio Menu is available every day during all summer, including July and August. Join us at the Stone House Lounge and taste our delicious new menu features:

Avocado & Quinoa Salad

A healthy starter filled with loads of flavour. Includes toasted pine nuts, topped with shaved parmesan, lightly tossed in a refreshing poppy seed raspberry dressing.

Charcuterie Board

The perfect starter if you’re gathering with friends or family. The charcuterie board has all your Classic Italian flavours. Prosciutto, spicy capicola, pancetta, spicy Italian sausage, olives, cherry tomatoes, grilled & pickled vegetables, roasted smelt, pita bread, and fresh artisan bread. A surefire way to ignite your taste buds before your main dish.

Gourmet Flatbread Pizza

Summer isn’t complete without enjoying a delicious gourmet style pizza under the sun paired with a delicious cocktail. Our gourmet flatbread pizza is a great platter for sharing. Hand rolled crust smothered in pesto sauce, topped with smoked chicken, roasted red peppers, olives, and goat cheese. A perfect harmony of sweet and savoury taste in every bite.

Delectable Fish Tacos

A fan favourite choice for our guests! Beer battered haddock, soft tortilla, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, and mixed greens topped with balsamic vinegar. A delectable fusion of the classic fish & chips in a Mexican style taco – a perfect way to satisfy both cravings!

Craving more of the classic patio eats?

We also have all your classic barbecue staples enhanced with gourmet flavour. Our BBQ patio menu includes jumbo breaded chicken wings, poutine, and nachos with salsa.

Whether you’re planning a visit for the day, a weekend getaway, or a long stay, we pride ourselves on offering comfortable accommodations and relaxing activities to beat the summer heat. Take a moment to visit The Spa and try a Citrus Body Scrub or a couples massage for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Book Your Patio Reservations!

Come by for a visit, our patio’s open hours are the following:

Monday – Fridays: 11AM to 9PM
Saturdays: 11PM to 3PM
Sundays: 4PM to 9PM (hours may vary, based on private functions)

Reservations aren’t required but are highly recommended to confirm availability or changes to our patio hours. If you’re hosting a special event this summer, we offer great packages that can include patio bookings for your private functions. We’d love to hear from you, and how we can be a part of your special event!

 Call (905) 828-6103 to confirm availability

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