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Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter weddings combine rich colours, fresh white snow, roaring fires and warm welcoming venues to create a magical experience – so it is no wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular. Before you start planning your winter wedding there are a few things that you should know.

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Winter Weddings Save You Money

Winter weddings are not only unique and romantic but, they are also often more inexpensive than fall, spring or summer weddings. There is no need to shell out on champagne when most guests would prefer to be drinking some mulled wine, warm cider, eggnog or liqueur-infused coffee and hot chocolate.

Finding the perfect venue at the perfect price is one of the biggest challenges for summer weddings, but in winter the demand for venues generally falls along with the prices. In addition to the venue, everything from the DJ, to the photographer, to transportation will have greater availability at lower costs compared to peak wedding season.

A wedding should be about much more than just meeting the budget (and winter weddings offer a whole lot more than just a smaller bill) but an extra few hundred dollars means more guests, more festivities, or even more money to be put towards your honeymoon.

Consider Winter Themed Décor

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One thing that won’t be less expensive in winter is the flowers. You may have to choose from a smaller selection of flowers with bigger price tags attached – but remember that flowers aren’t your only option. You have so many winter themed décor pieces to consider.

A winter wedding allows you to embrace more seasonal décor: pine cones, frosted branches, white and blue lighting, snowflakes, snowballs, crystals, ice sculptures and indoor snow machines. Imagine walking down the aisle or having your first dance as glistening white snows swirls around you.

Choose The Right Wedding Venue

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Winter weddings are more popular than ever, but still remain unique compared to more traditional options, which means that you may want to consider an equally unique wedding planner and venue. Choosing a location that regularly hosts winter weddings means that they will have the ability to handle any winter-specific contingencies (like the weather), and the experience to make the most out of this magical season.

‘Tis the Holiday Season

Picking the perfect time for your wedding is just as important as picking the perfect venue. Don’t forget to factor in the season’s big holidays like Christmas, Chanukah, Valentine’s Day, or New Years. Some brides and grooms want to take advantage of the holiday, while others want to avoid these typically busy dates.

Take The Weather Into Account

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The biggest dilemma when it comes to a winter wedding is the weather. Ensuring you have a solid plan, backed by reliable experienced vendors will help ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch in all weather conditions. Talk to your vendors about their inclement weather policy most will be understanding and happy to make contingency plans to ensure that your special day is remembered for all the right reasons. Remember that summer, spring, and fall weddings aren’t immune to the weather. An outdoor ceremony is just as vulnerable (if not more so) to the weather as a winter wedding!

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