BBQ Skewers - Web Sized

Hopefully by now we haven’t exhausted the idea of the summer season and sitting on patios. If we have, we apologize, we get more excited about the summer than a child on Christmas morning.  If you join us in the  pro patio party and believe there is simply nothing better than sitting on the patio with a delicious meal and drink then you are in for a real treat every Thursday!

Hand in hand with patio season is barbeque season! Our very own in-house chefs are bringing our patio to life with our savory summer pickings and BBQ all the classics with a gourmet twist!

We are now featuring Thursdays as our BBQ Night on the Patio. This is perfect weekly event to plan an after work wind down with your coworkers, make Thursday a date night or suitable for a family outing. Whatever the occasion is there is nothing that is better than relaxing after a long week!

We kick off the BBQ at 5PM with grilled chicken wings, grilled shrimp, grilled lamb chops, steaks and pork chops. And to drink? We are keeping it Canadian and featuring six of our favourite micro brewed beer; Stone Hammer Oatmeal Coffee Stout, Beau’s Lug Treat Ale, Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd Pale Pilsner, King Brewery Pilsner, Mill St Organic Lager and Cameron’s Cream Ale.


The Thursday night BBQs will start next Thursday June 6th, from 5PM-8PM and you’re invited!  See you there!