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With spring right around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about ways to improve your business, become more profitable, and make any necessary improvements that you have noticed throughout the winter.

For any business owner – large or small – your bottom line is key to your success. But in order to see positive results, one important factor is key: happy employees. By increasing employee satisfaction and morale, your company will in turn, thrive.

A popular way to do this is by hosting off-site meetings and events outside a typical office environment. By doing so, it gives your employees the chance to relax in an informal setting, be engaged in a new environment, and socialize with one another.

Here are some other advantages that you and your company will experience as a result of an off-site meeting:

• In a different work environment, employees will likely feel more comfortable to share their opinions and in return, this could increase productivity and levels of happiness.
• You are creating an environment full of positive company culture. This can lead to prosperous goals and strong results in day-to-day performance.
• An offsite meeting will create the perfect setting for conversations across multiple departments. This leads to better communication among all employees – including
• Last but not least: employees will be engaged and have fun.

If you’re looking for a Corporate Event Venue in Mississauga or a Retreat Destination close to your office, the Glenerin Inn and Spa might be the perfect destination for you and your entire team of employees. Offering a long list of benefits, the Inn is centrally located in Mississauga – making it easy for employees to travel to and from.

Still need a little bit more convincing? Take a look at these value adds:

Complementary Amenities including WiFi and Package Savings

Your team will enjoy complimentary wireless internet throughout the building. The server and internet is currently undergoing a big upgrade to make the signal and power even better.

When you choose Package pricing, you will realize savings of more than 10% on food and beverage pricing, discounted basic audio visual equipment, and a complimentary flipchart with markers.

We offer more than 60 spots of complimentary parking so your attendees don’t have to worry about paying for this and then having to be reimbursed. When the Inn is expecting more than 75 attendees, we will work with our surrounding neighbours and the City of Mississauga for overflow parking.

Business Meeting Specialists
Need help organizing your meeting? No problem – our dedicated Sales and Catering Team can help. With more than 50 years of combined experience, we can assist you in menu planning, on-site private dining, team building activities, and make recommendations for outside suppliers of off-site when needed.

Everything under one roof
With 30 guest rooms and suites right here, overnight needs can be accommodated in style. Our lovely country estate is relaxing and intimate. Overlooking the Sawmill Valley Trail, your attendees will appreciate the beautiful surroundings. Every one of our four main meeting rooms offer natural light and walk out to an outdoor patio. Our full service Spa will work with you to offer individual services, group services or unique one of a kind wellness programs or coffee breaks.

Glenerin High View Clean Horizon - High Res


Your corporate retreat is only a phone call away. Contact our team of event experts today and we will work with you to engage your audience and enhance your attendees’ experience.

Remember: workshops or meetings outside your typical office environment offers tangible benefits for your company, which will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

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