Couple on romantic date getaway in Mississauga.

The month of “love” is upon us. A time when couples and their partners express their love for one another. Philosophers and relationship experts have all tried to answer the question, “what is love?” But most would agree – it’s undefinable. We create our own meanings and display our affections in the most unique and romantic ways. But expressing and showing your love doesn’t have to be celebrated only on one day. The occasion to plan a romantic getaway to remember in Mississauga can happen any day! Which is why at The Glenerin Inn we do our utmost to ensure your day and evening is filled with romantic and memorable moments. Take the time to enjoy a day surrounded by historic architecture and luxury, fine-dining.

Romantic Dinner Date in Mississauga

Gifts are always a lovely thought, but your loved one will always remember an experience. Book your reservation and begin a night of flavourful dishes. Our chef inspired menu includes bold elements of fresh seafood, chicken, steak, lamb or pasta to enrich your palate with every bite. Enjoy each other’s company with warm conversations and intimate discussions as you share a bottle of fine wine. Share a delectable dessert of homemade sweets & a large selection of cakes to sweeten your tooth. After your meal, take a short stroll through the grand estates and soak in Mississauga’s Sawmill Valley.

Lastly, as the evening night comes to a close, take a break and relax together in one of our charming rooms or suites. Make it a getaway from the daily stresses of life beside the cozy fireplaces in our historic rooms. Enjoy full amenities and royal comfort while you relax and renew the love you have for one another. If you have any special requests, we’ll ensure your plans go off without a hitch. Enhance your night with an element of surprise for your loved one, from delivering flowers, chocolates, to personal services – so you can remember unique moments shared together.

When you stay the night, don’t forget to start your morning off right with our hearty breakfast. Wake up refreshed and ready to begin another page for your romantic getaway story.

Contact us to begin your journey at the Glenerin Inn!

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