So you’ve been tasked with organizing your companies next sales meeting and you don’t know where to start. Every successful event starts with a great venue, but finding the perfect venue for the right price can be a real challenge. The following is an easy checklist you can follow to help you along the way.

1) Which City to hold the event?

Unless your event is exclusively for a local audience, you have the option to explore many exciting potential locations. Some things you may need to consider is proximity to an airport (With lot’s of people travelling this is a big one) and the draw of local attractions and night life. It also never hurts to be near some great golf courses. If you are thinking about Mississauga for your host city, here is a great guide to what’s near by. (instert link here)

2) Assess Venue Needs

There are many things to consider when choosing the actual venue for your event. The first is: Will people need to stay overnight? If so, then likely then it’s usually best to consider a hotel with meeting room facilities. You could have guests stay in a hotel and transport them to an offsite venue, but this will add extra logistics to your plate. Wherever you decide to host your event, make sure that the venue is an appropriate setting for it. You want your sales people to be as relaxed and engaged as possible.

3) How Much Space Do You Need?

This might seem like a no brainer but it is often something that gets overlooked. Having too much space can be as big of an issue as not having enough. It looks unprofessional and can look bad on your organization. Also, if you do have people staying overnight, make sure that the hotel has enough rooms for everyone. You may also want to consider if there will be break-away sessions and if there is ample space for each of these.

4) Audio/Visual Needs

Sales meetings always need audio/visual needs and it’s extremely important to find out if your venue can meet these needs. Venues like convention centers and hotels that host events on a regular basis they are likely to have in house a/v solutions. Unique venues will not, and you will have to organize that yourself.

5) Start Your Search Engines

Think about all the things you need to make your event a success. Location, size, special requirements etc… Then make a short list and use search engines to filter event venues based on your needs. This way, you can take possibly thousands of potential venues and filter your list down to only a few. Then, making your final decision will be based on preference.


Picking the perfect venue for your next sales meeting might seem stressful but by following these 5 tips it should streamline your decision making process. Just make sure to ask the right questions, consider your needs and filter your search accordingly.

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