What are the keys to an effective meeting? Well in our opinion it comes down to 4 key factors:

1) Location or Environment – An inspiring location will invigorate your teams creativity during your meeting. Meeting spaces with access to outdoor space or grounds is definitely a plus for your meeting. Many studies have proven that incorporating the outdoors or an outdoor activity inspires creativity, energizes the attendees and provides an element of thinking outside the box for your meetings curriculum or agenda. Natural light in the meeting space itself also energizes the attendees and keeps them focused.

2) Quality Food and Beverage and Breaks – Keep your group energized with healthy choices during the day. Stay away from high sugar and carbohydrate breaks. These types of foods will provide a short boost of energy but you will see the energy crash in the room very shortly after this which can lead to an unproductive meeting. Ensure that you provide your meeting attendees adequate break times. You can only keep someone’s active attention for 1 ½ to 2 hours. Ways to energize your attendees during breaks is provide massages or hand massages during the break. This will show your attendees that you care about their stress level, add an element of uniqueness to the meeting and it will energize your team to be creative.

3) Break-out Rooms – If your group is relatively large (20-65 guests or more) Break out rooms provide attendees to get out of their element. A change of location for a focus group gets your blood flowing and the mind moving. Consider using the space around your meeting rooms or another meeting room to foster creativity.

4) Be prepared – It is important to prepare yourself and your attendees for what can be expected.
Providing an agenda to your attendees prior to the meeting will enable them to understand the goals of the meeting. This can remove a sense of doubt from the attendees minds and will show them that you are prepared. It also allows the facilitator to hit the ground running as soon as the meeting begins.

The Glenerin Inn & Spa is an ideal location for your meeting for all of these reasons. Our sales team can provide you with options for unique energizing space and give you unique options for breaks and ideas to energize the meeting. Click here to view our meeting rooms.

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