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You’ve probably imagined your dream wedding. The perfect wedding venue, over and over again in your head since the time you became old enough to even start thinking of your wedding day. You’ve probably known exactly what type of flowers you would want, the colours of the overlays, and the detail you would add to your centrepieces. So, why is it that when you walked into your first few meetings to meet the wedding coordinator at a potential wedding venue location, you couldn’t come up with any relevant questions until after you’ve left and got into your car.

It was then you realized you had forgotten to ask more than half of the questions you really wanted answered like, “What is the maximum capacity of the venue? Is there an antipasto buffet option? Do you provide coat check services?” With excitement and eagerness tangled up in so many questions, it’s easy to forget a few important details.

It’s okay, it happens more often than you think. Some venues are just too beautiful that when you walk in, you forget all about the stress of planning a wedding and just immediately picture yourself spending the most important day of your life…right there.  

Prepare Your Wedding Checklist

For all you brides-to-be that can relate to the above, Here Comes The Guide offers a complete list of questions to ask a wedding venue, that you can print and take with you on your next meeting.

Wedding Venue in Mississauga

If you’ve been looking for the perfect wedding venue in Mississauga, come and take a look at Glenerin Inn’s Tudor-style stone mansion. It is one of the most unique wedding venues that you’ll find in the GTA, because of the way it captures the beauty of historic-charm with stunning architecture, high ceilings with exposed wooden beams, stain glass, and elegant decor. There are five unique rooms to choose from to host your wedding reception or ceremony, depending on the number of guests you’re expecting.

Nestled in the sawmill valley area of Mississauga, close to major highways for all your guests who are attending your wedding from near and far. The beautifully manicured landscape on the grounds is the perfect location for capturing photographs of your special day, which also makes Glenerin Inn one of Toronto’s premier venues for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, vow-renewal ceremonies, and anniversary celebrations.

Spa Services for Brides-to-be

Since we are also a spa destination, we offer bridal services such as hair, makeup, and spa services. Furthermore, we can connect you with catering services and our recommended vendors for floral arrangements and more. We are a popular venue for bridal showers, bachelor, and bachelorette parties with rooms conveniently located on-site for you and your out of town guests to book during the time of your event.  

Professional Wedding Planners

All of your wedding plans can happen all in one place! For more information on Glenerin Inn as a wedding venue, contact us! We’ll be happy to connect you with our wedding coordinator who can provide you with a step-by-step guide of what it would be like to have your wedding here with us at Glenerin Inn & Spa.   

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