Chicken WingsChicken Wings is considered one of life’s guilty pleasures. There are a few big restaurants that specialize in chicken wings when you want to dine in Mississauga. Some of these restaurants have days where they offer All-You-Can-Eat wings or half price wings and these are the times where we don’t care about our waist lines. The problem with chicken wings, especially if you eat them at restaurants is they tend to fry them. Just imagine eating chicken wings with pounds of oil on them and then after your meal is done feeling horrible, that’s what deep fried foods do to you. When you’re indulging in the chicken wings, you feel good and enjoy the taste. When it comes to the aftermath not so much.

The good news is that you can still enjoy chicken wings by having them grilled instead of fried. Not only are grilled chicken wings healthier than fried chicken wings, they are also easier to cook and tastes much better than fried wings when done right. Glenerin Inn cares about your health so below are a few quick easy steps to grill some delicious chicken wings in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1. Preheat the grill to medium-high heat and also have a water bottle or a glass of water handy. Chicken wings tend to flare up on the grill and adding a bit of water reduces the flare up preventing you from having burned chicken wings for dinner.

Step 2. As your grill is heating up, it’s time to start seasoning your chicken wings. You can buy seasoning mix at your local grocery store or just add a bit of salt and fresh ground pepper. Make sure you season the chicken wings on all angles as you’ll be constantly flipping and turning the chicken wings as you grill them.

Step 3. Arrange your chicken wings on the grill and at the same time put your chicken wing sauce in a pot and put it on top of low heat.

Step 4. During the grilling processing make sure the chicken wings are turned and flipped every few minutes to prevent burning. Keep doing this until there’s no pink in the centre of your chicken wings. The grilling process normally takes between 16-18 minutes and you’ll know when your wings are done when bubbles start to form. If you want to speed up the grilling process, when you’re not turning the chicken wings make sure you close your grill.

Step 5. Once the chicken wings are finished cooking, lather them in your favourite sauce and leave them in your pot to soak for a few minutes.

Step 6. Serve and Enjoy!

If you worked too hard during the week and want someone else to do the grilling come to Glenerin Inn for our BBQ Summer Thursdays. Our BBQ summer Thursdays provid you amazing grilled food without sacrificing your health. Some of our grilled food items are grilled shrimp, grilled lamb chops and of course our grilled chicken wings. You can accompany our grilled foods with an ice cold Canadian beer.

For more information on our BBQ Thursdays, please call us at (905) 828-6103 or Toll free at 1 (877) 991-9971.

Homemade Buffalo Wings (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

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