There is no arguing that those of us living this far North can handle the winter season, in fact, it is really when we thrive! So let the stereotypes fly around that we toboggan to school or snowshoe to a party, because, well, we’ve actually done both of those activities. Who is going to let a little blizzard get in the way of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or in this case, the bar at the end of the canal?

The winter season is such a magical time of year, and in many peoples lives it is time to celebrate committing themselves to one another. We are beginning to see a larger amount of couples now spending their summer months planning for a wedding in the winter.

Our historical inn buried deep in the Sawmill Creek valley is the perfect background to your special day.  Winter is Canadian Wedding season, and it is in full swing at the Glenerin Inn!


What are the main things to consider when planning a winter wedding?

  1. Savings! Most vendors will have winter pricing with the exception of florists.
  2. Back Up Plan. Plan for what if’s and have a back up plan that you will be happy to use on the day should it be needed.
  3. No-Shows. Snowstorms happen and if it does, you may have some guests that are not able to attend. On the bright side, you might get some beautiful pictures! Be careful to book your date around the holidays!
  4. Honeymoon. Winter has some great deals, look out for these deals when booking your getaway!

Our full service boutique inn can accommodate all your needs from guests staying the weekend, to food services, and of course even pampering yourself for the big day!

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